BucketVac®, Wet/Dry Contractor Vacuum for 5 Gallon Buckets

Turn A 5 Gallon Bucket* Into A Powerful Wet/Dry Vacuum

Get professional contractor performance for wet and dry vacuuming in a small and versatile package with the patent-pending BucketVac® from SpeedClean. Designed for the HVAC, plumbing or general contracting job site, the portable and convenient BucketVac wet/dry shop vacuum turns virtually any standard 5 gallon bucket* into a lightweight professional grade wet/dry vacuum. Simply snap the vacuum onto the 5 gallon bucket and get the job done, fast. This powerful industrial vacuum with 100 CFM and 60" vertical lift suction makes short work of any mess – wet or dry, chunky or fine dust. And when you need to switch between wet and dry vacuuming simply swap in a new 5 gallon bucket. No more gooey messes or stopping, dumping and cleaning your wet/dry vacuum. Plus the size and convenience of the 5 gallon bucket makes this a breeze to move around. Just grab the bucket handle and go. And when the work is done, the lightweight BucketVac pops right off the bucket for easy storage. 


  • General job cleanup, wet or dry
  • HVAC contractors: Condensate line clearing, pan cleanup, dry coil cleaning, installation clean-up
  • Plumbing: water pick up, liquid purges
  • General Contractors: metal, nails, glass, drywall dust and wet spills
  • Wet Pick Up: Rate of 30 GPM
  • Dry Pick Up: 100 CFM, includes 10 micron reusable filter.


  • Includes a variety of attachments - crevice tool, brush tool, extension wands, extra long hose and more
  • Industrial wet/dry vacuum power and performance. 100 CFM &  60"; Lift
  • Extra wide, crush proof super flex 2" hose picks easily reaches above and below you
  • Lightweight and easy to store wet/dry vacuum - takes up very little space
  • Fits virtually any standard 5 gallon bucket
  • Watch the BucketVac in Action (Video)
  • View BucketVac Product Sheet (.pdf)

Part#: BV-5 Price: $99.99
Please note: Distributors set their own pricing

* SpeedClean recommends testing 5 gallon buckets for fit and bucket wall performance prior to use. We recommended using .90 Mil wall thickness buckets.

Product Package Includes:

  • BucketVac® Industrial Strength Vacuum head
  • 5 Gallon durable bucket
  • 2" x 2' hose (stretchable to 6’)
  • 2 x 12" extender wands
  • (1) Bulk Pickup Tool
  • (1) Crevice Tool
  • (1) Brush Tool
  • (1) Floor Tool
  • (3) Standard Paper Filters - 10 micron
  • User Manual


Dimensions (Diam. X H): 14" x 12"
Weight (Dry): 7lbs
Cord Length: 6’
Horsepower: 1 HP
Capacity: 5 Gal. (Variable)
CFM: 100
Lift: 60"
Amps: 6.7
Voltage: 110v 50/60 Hz (220v 50/60Hz available)
Peak Air Watts: 706
Certification: ETL (Whats this?)
Limited Warranty: 1 Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does "Lift" really mean?
Q. What does "CFM (Flow) really mean?
Q. I see vacuums out on the market with 5 HP? Surely they must be more powerful than the BucketVac?
Q. BucketVac Warranty Information
See these answers and more frequently asked questions.



List Price


BucketVac 5 Gallon Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum


BucketVac with Accessories AND 5 Gallon Bucket (110 Volt, 50/60Hz)

Includes all accessories listed below with an asterisk (*).


See a List of SpeedClean Distributors  

BucketVac 5 Gallon Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum

BV-5A BucketVac with Accessories AND 5 Gallon Bucket (220 Volt, 50/60Hz)

This product is intended for International or Specific 220V operation only. Unless your needs are specific to 220V, please DO NOT order this version.







Recommended Accessories





10 micron Standard Filter for BucketVac 5 Gallon Bucket Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum


BucketVac Replacement Filters (6/Pack)

BucketVac replacement filters. The filters (10 micron) have a larger surface area making them effective at picking up dust and other dry debris for a longer period of time.




Replacement Accessories


 * Please note, accessories with an asterisk are included with a BucketVac purchase



  BV-5-12 Bulk Pickup Tool $8.99  

Crevice Tool for BucketVac 5 Gallon Bucket Vacuum


BucketVac Crevice Tool

The BucketVac crevice tool is designed to withstand a lot of use. This tool is great for getting into tight places. Wet or Dry use.



Extension Wand for BucketVac 5 Gallon Bucket Vacuum


BucketVac Extension Wand
12" in length, 3/Pack

Extra reach with these 12" extension wands (3/pack). 2 are included with your initial purchase. Add more for upright use or extra reach. Wet or Dry Use.



Brush Tool for BucketVac 5 Gallon Bucket Vacuum


BucketVac Brush Tool

For use on on sensitive surfaces like drywall, leather or paint, the brush tool offers superb performance and won't leave a mark. Dry use only.



Floor Tool for BucketVac 5 Gallon Bucket Vacuum


BucketVac Floor Tool

The floor tool helps pickup dust and debris over a wider surface earea, quickly and effeciently. Wet or Dry use.



Heavy Duty Replacement Hose for BucketVac 5 Gallon Bucket Vacuum


Replacement (2" x 2') Hose
(stretchable to 6’)

Heavy duty, wide mouth opening. Wet or Dry use.



Watch the BucketVac 5 Gallon Bucket Vacuum in action.


and did you know that the BucketVac was featured on the TV show "I want that!".

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BucketVac Product Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions
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BucketVac Warranty Information

Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum - BucketVac
BV-5 Includes Everything Seen Here
Wet/Dry Vacuum fits any 5 gallon bucket
Lightweight and easy to install
Wet/Dry Vac picks up dust, chunky, wet/dry materials
Versatile. Easy to use for wet or dry pickup

Wet/Dry Vacuum picks up spills fast. 30 GPM.
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"Just wanted to let you know we were on a service call for a customer's freezer in a tight kitchen environment, that would not hold temp. Looking from the rear we could see where others has tried quart "squirt" sprayers with coil cleaner and had actually pushed the grease to the rear where it re-solidified and would have been hard to reach & clean. I purchased a CoilJet for residential use, and wanted to let you know it was great in giving the pressure needed to "melt" the grease from the condenser coil in place, we used a large bake pan under the unit to catch run off, and their freezer was back in business in 20 minutes. Quick and convenient."

Mike, From MS