How (not) to clean AC coils with a power washer

Quick tip. Don't even try.

You know the drill. Coils need maintenance and regular scheduled cleaning to maintain air flow and therefore efficiency on the system. So, what's the right tool to clean them with? Well, there's a lot of options to do it. We recommend the CoilJet Portable Coil Cleaning System from SpeedClean every time, but one thing we won't ever recommend. A power washer. Bad Results with Power Washer on AC Coils

Pictures tell a thousand words. Power washers push out thousands of PSI of water pressure. Even smaller battery operated power washers have hundreds of PSI. Fantastic for blasting and cleaning a huge variety of things, condenser coils is not one of them!

Bad Results with Power Washer on AC CoilsSee these images? These are actual images from a job site. Sent directly to us.

This is what can happen when a power washer is used for cleaning AC coils. The water pressure can cause immediate, instantaneous damage to sensitive fins. Bending, rupturing - even blasting holes right through them. The end result? A ruined coil bed that needs replacement. Lost time, lost efficiency.

Now our pitch. The CoilJet portable coil cleaning system is specially designed to eliminate this issue. It produces a powerful stream of water that's limited to 125 PSI of pressure at 1/2 gallon per minute flow of water. Plenty of pressure to blast through dirt and grime but yet won;t damage sensitive fins. And why 1/2 gallon of water per minute? So you can also use the CoilJet inside on evaporator coils.

We alo have a product called the CondenserNeedle. Specifically designed for outside condenser coils, this product attaches to a standard water hose and quickly - safely - cleans condenser coil beds.

So, whatever you try, even if it's not a CoilJet or CondenserNeedle, step back from the power washer. It'll cost you more than you'd like to know.

CoilJet® Portable Coil Cleaning System

CoilJet Portable, Battery Powered Coil Cleaning System

The CoilJet® from SpeedClean® makes quick work of cleaning debris and grime from condenser and evaporator coils. Specially engineered to work in hard to reach areas where water access is an issue like PTAC units, cellular towers, rooftops, attics and more. Deliver professional results in a convenient and rechargeable battery powered solution – no more garden hoses or pump sprays needed. The CoilJet delivers a powerful spray of water and cleaning chemical from the included tanks to wash even the dirtiest coils, without damaging sensitive fins. And the small portable size lets you clean coils from the front or back of the coil – a proven method for increasing coil cleaning and system efficiency. The unit includes a powerful 12v deep cycle rechargeable battery that delivers a whole day worth of cleaning. For best results add water and SpeedyFoam®, an acid free, eco conscious foaming coil cleaning solution that delivers penetrating foaming action. By combining industrial strength technology with a compact, durable design, CoilJet makes cleaning coils quick and easy.

  • Small, portable design makes it easy to clean coils in hard to reach areas such as PTAC's, rooftops and attics, where access to power and water is limited.
  • Powerful 100psi spray will efficiently clean debris and grime from both sides for condenser and evaporator coils!
  • Optional 8945 36" Spray Wand with 90° nozzle lets you clean from the inside out, forcing dirt and debris back in the direction it entered.
  • 1/2 gallon per minute flow rate won’t overflow the indoor evaporator coil condensate line
  • Deep cycle, 12V Rechargeable battery makes it easy to clean virtually any coil, indoors or outdoors all day.
  • Separate on-board water and cleaner tanks eliminate the need for dragging hoses or bulky pump sprayers.
  • Watch the CoilJet in Action
  • View CoilJet Product Sheet (.pdf)
Part#: CJ-95 Price: $645.00

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CondenserNeedle Garden Hose Condenser Coil CleanerBlast Dirt From The Inside Without Damaging Sensitive Fins

Blast dirt, debris and grime from condenser coils without damaging sensitive fins with the CondenserNeedle® from SpeedClean®. Designed to clean from the inside of the coil, Condenser Needle comes with everything you need to get started. Attach to a standard garden style water hose and deliver a powerful 90° stream of water and chemical cleaner - up to 3 gallons per minute. The water pressure won’t damage delicate fins and the spray angle virtually eliminates electrical trips and shorts – an issue with power washers and spray attachments. It also includes an adjustable chemical injection hose for use with SpeedyFoam®*, an acid free, eco conscious foaming coil cleaning solution that works great. Its super-foaming action captures and lifts even the most stubborn dirt and grime for superior results. Now with the Condenser Needle from SpeedClean, cleaning condenser coils is fast, easy, and efficient.
  • Connects to standard garden hose
  • Force dirt and debris back in the direction it entered - a proven technique for increasing coil cleaning and system efficiency.
  • 90° spray wand and 3 gallon per minute flow blasts dirt and grime, won’t damage fins and virtually eliminates electrical tripping issues.
  • Fits easily through the top of most condenser units, no more hassling to remove the top of the unit.
  • View CondenserNeedle Product Sheet (.pdf)
Part# CN-03  Price: $184.99
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SpeedyFoam Coil CleanerSpeedyFoam Ultra Foaming Coil Cleaning Concentrate

Safer, more effective and works great. Designed for use with CoilJet and CondenserNeedle, SpeedyFoam® acid-free coil cleaner delivers superior cleaning power without the harsh effects that other acid based cleaners have. Its ultra foaming action and clean fresh scent blasts away grime and debris leaving clean coils looking – and smelling – great. Comes in a 1 gallon bottle.

Watch the SpeedyFoam in action with our CoilJet Product

Part# SC-FCC-1  MSRP: $28.50
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