So, AHR we meet again. Yes, it’s that time again when hungry eyed HVAC technicians and distributors descend on a hapless city, (in this case Chicago, January 23-25th. Booth 5331) eager to see what new HVAC/R tools, instruments are coming out. And of course, get free pens, t-shirts and all kinds of other SWAG.

Well just like last year, and the year before that, SpeedClean will be there. I will be joined this year, like last by Mike Hardy, our National account manager and Jessica Sturm, our sales and marketing assistant. We will be armed with new products, good solid information and of course, a wonderful give-away. But more on the give-away later.

First up, what will we be showing this year.

HVAC Portable Coil Cleaning SystemCoilJet Portable Coil Cleaning System

CoilJet is our flagship product. Simply pout, it give you the power of portable coil cleaning in a easy-to-use handheld, rechargeable package. Yep, this little puppy puts out a powerful 100psi of water/coil cleaner by way of a portable 5 gallon water tank and 1/2 gallon coil cleaner tank.  Plenty of power to clean the dirtiest coils. If you have coils in hard-to-reach places, then you need to check out CoilJet. Attics, cell towers, rooftops, trucks, refrigerators, ptac units. It does them all. More info here.

Condenser Coil Cleaning ToolCondenser Needle Condenser Cleaning Tool

We know, that you know, that we know the right way to clean a condenser unit is not with a hose shot straight at the coils. This bends the coils. Runs the airflow and makes the system have to work harder. The BEST way to clean condenser coils is from the back, out – opposite the airflow. So, we’ve develop a tool to do just that. Condenser Needle is a low profile aluminum wand that attaches to any standard garden hose and delivers a patented spray directly to the coil. It’s designed to fit behind the coils, through the top grate of most Condenser units. This saves time by not having to remove the top grate. It also features an integrated coil cleaner siphon hose that you can use with your favorite environmentally friendly coil cleaner – SpeedyFoam – to add more cleaning power. More info here.

SpeedyFoam Alkaline Foaming Coil Cleaner

HVAC Alkaline Coil CleanerOK, we know there’s a ton of coil cleaners on the market. Some are foaming. Some are concentrated and some are Alkaline. How about all three? Yep, SpeedyFoam is a super concentrated foaming coil cleaner that is acid-free, won’t burn you or HVAC tools and is environmentally friendly. We recommend it for use in all our coil cleaning products because a gallon can go a long, long way. More info here.

Portable Descaling De-Liming SystemBucket Descaler Portable Descaling System

Stop the presses if you haven’t seen this thing. It rocks. It’s specifically designed to remove scale buildup from heater elements in tankless units, water heaters, small heat exchangers and more. It attaches to any standard 5 gallon bucket and is designed with the highest quality, acid proof pumps and fittings. Pair it with SpeedyBright, our UL tested potable water descaler and you are minutes away from clean heat exchangers. This isn’t your old pump n bucket solution. No way. It keeps the user safe by enclosing all the cleaning chemicals. It offers and easy and safe way to recirculate and get rid of waste water. And can be capped for safe disposal. Very cool huh. We’ve got a video of this thing at work, plus you can get more info here.

Lime Scale Remover NSF CertifiedSpeedyBright Water Descaler

Limescale literally disappears before your eyes with our powerful, yet safe UL tested water descaler. SpeedyBright is designed for use with our Bucket Descaler product or other pumping system. It is pre-measured in half gallon “shots” to eliminate the guess work of cleaning tankless water heaters. Simply mix with water and circulate for 20-30 minutes. Scale, rust and other buildup is quickly removed from the system returning efficiency. Learn more.

BucketVac Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum

Wet/Dry Industrial VacuumSaving one of our best for last is the BucketVac. This is like TNT. Small, but packs a wollop! It delivers industrial grade vacuum performance, 100CFM with 60″ of vertical lift and a wet pickup rate of 30gpm. It’s one of the funnest demo’s we do.  But I think the greatest feature of all is that it fits on any standard 5 gallon bucket. This makes it extremely versatile. Need to switch from wet to dry. Just switch buckets. No need to dump, stop, wipe etc with conventional wet/dry vacs. Need to pick up 30 gallons of water. No problem. Just switch buckets. It’s truly awesome. See more here.

OK, so I’ve made you read through all my good stuff here to get to the give-away. Drum roll please. We will be giving away a brand new iPad 2 at the show!! To get your chance to win it is simple. Come by and talk to us. We’ll get you entered. There’s no need to buy anything and no need to be present to win. But, you will have to come by and say hi.  Booth #5331.