This time of year can be one of the busiest for HVAC Techs. In between calls, take a quick break and have a laugh looking at our funny HVAC memes.

  1. Not a good plan.

Putting a space heater on a cardboard box is definitely one of the more dangerous things we have seen.  Another, not so obvious, one? Coils ripe with mold, bacteria and mildew from lack of maintenance. Check out our coil cleaning checklist to keep your IAQ up to snuff.

Image from Twitter: @hvac

2. And $50 in energy costs later…

We all know that leaving the door open while the heat or air conditioning is on is a bad move, but it could be worth taking a minute or two to brush up on your energy efficiency myth knowledge. You never know what energy efficiency tips you might be missing out on, just think of all the money you could be saving if you only knew.

Image from Twitter: @hvac

3. The face 90% of your customers in August make.

Once you’ve completed a job (and that “the AC is broken” face has faded) remember to send your customers a survey. They’re fast for you to set up and great for gaining important info on customer satisfaction.

Image from Twitter: Affordable HVAC @afford_hvac

4. D-U-C-T-S  or D-U-C-K-S?

It’s all in a day’s work for an HVAC Tech! Based on the numbers we have seen, it looks there will be a lot of newbies in the field for the next couple of years.  The US Department of Labor has projected that the HVAC field will grow over 30% from 2010-2020.

Image from Twitter: Air-Right Energy @AirRightEnergy