Twitter Tips SpeedCleanThose days of handling business exclusively on the phone have come to an end and social media has officially taken over as one of the most effective ways for small businesses to maximize their customer base. As a solution many companies are turning to Twitter, but if you don’t know how to use it effectively the results won’t help you meet your goals. Get the most of out of your web marketing experience with these 5 social media tips specifically designed to help you expand your reach.

1. #Hashtags Work

Sometimes discovering the best #HVAC service is done by performing a search with a simple hashtag. Hashtags are made discoverable by placing the number symbol, or hashtag, before a keyword on Twitter and the most popular ones in your area appear in the Trending Topics section for the world to see. Social Control says brands that use hashtags can expect to see a 50 percent increase in their engagement rate.

2. Avoid Automated Social Media

Other than noticing how odd tweets with hashtags look on platforms that don’t support them, AuDseo make a great point – auto posting doesn’t foster real engagement. On Twitter, it doesn’t allow you to insert hashtags, which limits the reach of tweets. Twitter’s unique 140 character limitation also makes auto posting very challenging because lengthy posts take up space – when half of the post doesn’t get replaced by ellipses. To make matters worse, neither, tags nor mentions from Twitter are interchangeable on other social networks. Besides, loyal customers that follow you on more than one platform might get annoyed if they have to be bombarded by the same posts on every one of your social pages, anyway.

3. No Multimedia Mediocrity

Research from Buffer showed that tweets with photos earned 150 percent more retweets and 18 percent more clicks than tweets without photos. Adding a photo URL also increases engagement, dramatically. Buffer says it’s 86 percent more likely to be retweeted. It now also offers Twitter ads, for businesses looking to take it up a notch when promoting their brand.

4. Customization in Key

Would you be more likely to interact on Twitter with a fully customized profile or one with no cover photo and an egg for an avi, or avatar? We thought so. That’s why it pays to take advantage of the areas Twitter offers for promotion. Don’t forget to add a cover photo. According to Digital Marketing Strategist, Rebekah Radice, 60% of consumers are more likely to interact with a company whose images appear in local searches- another benefit that using Twitter has.

5. Keep the Conversation Going

On their blog, Twitter says advertisers tell them that over 80% of their inbound social customer service requests happen right on Twitter. Making a habit of checking your notifications can help keep you up-to-date on what people are saying about your company – so you can interact faster or take action on negative comments immediately.

We’ve covered all of the basics, now it’s time to try out these social media tips and see how it impacts your small business.