As a small business your time, and wallet, are often thin–so when it comes to marketing you need to accomplish a lot quickly and for a relatively small amount of capital. In this day in age, social media can help you achieve both of those objectives. Learn how below:

  1. Make an Account or Page

Creating an account or page for your business on at least a few of the social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, is pretty standard for most companies. This is quick and pretty easy to figure out, plus the basic accounts are free. If you need help there are tons of resources on the internet that will guide you, though generally the platforms own help center has the most valid answers when asking a question. Having a presence on these platforms can help more people become aware of your business and gives you another way to interact with your current customers, so you are always top of mind.

2. Buy Ads

The ads on Facebook can be really beneficial to small businesses because they are affordable –you can set your own price and hone in to your target market by location and or demographics and choose how long to run the ad for. Best of all, you can see how your ad performed, so you can tell if it is worth the investment. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, offers advertising options too.

3. Boost Posts

Similarly, you can pay to boost one of your Facebook or Instagram posts. The objective of boosting a post is for more people see your post and in turn get more coverage for your business. LinkedIn offers a similar service, allowing users to buy sponsored content to promote their updates on the platform.

4. Hold Contests

Holding contests on social media platforms can be beneficial to your brand.  The contest can be something simple like posting why they like your company with a few hashtags or answering a trivia question. Not only can you engage your followers, but you can give away company branded swag keeping your name front and center. Check out 4 Tips to Market your Business on a Budget to get some ideas for low cost promotional items.

5. Be Engaged

In order for social media to work well interaction is essential, so in addition to posting on your own page and seeking out likes, be sure to like posts and actively connect with other users and pages on the platform. It doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes a day but those small actions can add up to a big social media presence.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to use social media to get the word out about your business while staying on budget. With a few spare minutes a day and your smart phone you can change your social media presence from barely there to thriving. That virtual boost can translate into new and repeat customers, helping to increase your bottom line. Get started today and don’t forget who gave you the advice, be sure to like SpeedClean on Facebook at