It is that time of the year again, Spring Cleaning. As business levels pick up, being organized will keep you sane during your busiest times. Because let’s face it, efficiency = more $$$.

Your van is your office, and you should treat it as such. When a truck is organized, equipment is protected and lasts longer. Tools are expensive, take care of them. When you can’t find something, you either can not get the job done, or you have to go out and buy something you may already have. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and loss of money!

Here are five tips and tricks that may make life easier on the road:

  1. Paper Towel and Disinfection Wipes – in this new world of germs, keep yourself protected and clean. 
  2. Clean Up Daily – there is nothing worse than starting up at in AM and things are not where they are supposed to be.
  3. Have a place specifically for your paperwork – this truck/van is your office, treat it as such. Keep your invoices and other paperwork in a designated spot. Nothing is worse than looking disorganized to a client. Getting rid of paperwork altogether is an option with many options for digital bookkeeping, job management, etc
  4. Leave room – leave room for yourself to walk in and out of the van, so you do not have to pull out everything to get one thing. Keep the essential things you use daily near the doors.
  5. Install lights inside the truck – when the clouds roll over, don’t stress.
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