If 2015 was a bummer for you, or you’re just looking for giggles, then laugh your way into the new year with 7 more funny HVAC memes! Today’s selection captures some of the most ridiculous, hysterical HVAC maintenance mishaps, ranging from half-witted handouts, haphazard handymen and even hilarious holiday hacks. Don’t believe us? Continue below to see for yourself.

1. This hack won’t stop screwing around for a second to finish his work (but seriously, if this happened to you, sorry. Looks painful).

Screw Meme SpeedClean

Image from tumblr.com

2. Look, another potential Craigslist killer posing as an HVAC technician.

Craigslist Meme SpeedClean

Image from memegenerator.net

3. Lazy HVAC hacks during a snow storm be like…

Snow HVAC Meme SpeedClean

4. We must have missed when Oprah was giving away HVAC certificates for free somewhere in a back alley (And you know sometimes it feels like that when you have to fix a hack’s work).

Oprah HVAC SpeedClean

Image from memegenerator.net

5. Peekaboo. This guy calls himself an HVAC hand-y man…and an electrician, and a plumber and a…

Handy Man HVAC Meme SpeedClean

Image from tumblr.com

6. Now that his second term is almost over in the White House, even Obama thinks he’s HVAC qualified.

Obama HVAC Meme SpeedClean

Image from memecrunch.com

7. But things are looking up! SpeedClean recently announced that they’ll be heading to the 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando Florida, very soon!

Heating Up Meme SpeedClean

Image from memegenerator.net

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