It’s about time you had a good laugh this year – get ready to fall in love with 7 funny HVAC memes from SpeedClean. From pesky customer pet-peeves to hilarious HVAC habits, everyone is sure to enjoy today’s selection. Continue below and laugh your way down to the very end!

1. When you’re explaining to your non-technician friends what you do every day on the job.

Repair Funny HVAC Memes

2. That moment you thought another technician installed the heater perfectly…

Carbon Monoxide HVAC Memes SpeedClean

3. Me: “Ma’am, your coils are clogged.”
Client: “But, I change my filters monthly.”

Maury Filter Meme SpeedClean

4. What that hack who did the first job told the client before you came to repair the heating system once and for all.

Fixed HVAC Meme SpeedClean

5. Your reaction when a client tries to tell you they can get the same unit on Amazon for a lower price.

Matching prices

6. What you really want to say to those pesky clients following you around and asking questions when you’re on the job.

Leave Me Alone Meme SpeedClean

7. #FlashForward: How HVAC techs will talk after we release CoilShot® Condenser Cleaner in April 2016.

After CoilShot HVAC Funny Memes SpeedClean

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