7 Funny Memes: April Fools’ Edition

7 Funny Memes: April Fools’ Edition

Get in the April Fools’ spirit and get ready to laugh like a hyena when you see these 7 funny HVAC memes from SpeedClean. Today’s selection captures hysterical HVAC maintenance scenarios, from early morning rackets to roach motel residences. But don’t take our word for it, continue reading to watch and laugh.

1. Those awkward moments you enter a client’s home and feel more like an exterminator than a technician.

Clinet Home Meme SpeedClean

Image from www.imgur.com

2. You can always tell which house-WARMING gift came from your friend who’s an HVAC tech. Chance are it won’t be a toaster.

Toaster Meme SpeedClean

Image from www.twitter.com

3. Air conditioner broken? You’ve got 3 ways to keep cool before the technician gets here.

Fan Meme SpeedClean

Image from www.funscrape.com

4.  What early morning clients think we’re thinking when they book appointments in the am.

Early Meme SpeedClean

Image from www.superiorpaving.ca

5. Homeowners, what makes you think YouTube could replace years of experience from a certified HVAC professional?

YouTube SpeedClean

Image from www.HVAC-hacks.com

6. Don’t you hate when this happens? #Technicianproblems

HVAC Call Meme SpeedClean

Image from www.HVAC-hacks.com

7. That look loyal clients give you once you get the job done, as always.

Maintenance Meme SpeedClean

Image from www.reddit.com

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