Tankless, or on-demand, water heaters are a great innovation. They’re ideal for restaurants and small businesses, motels, vacation homes, and regular households of all sizes, providing they’re properly installed. And, they make great a great backup for solar systems.

BucketDescaler makes eliminating limescale from tankless heaters a breeze.

They also have an incredible lifespan. You can expect a tankless water heater to last about 20 years, and with a little coaxing that might extend to 30!

According to DOE water heating accounts for approx 12% of average utility bill, third largest energy expense in the home. A tankless heater offers savings of up to 30% compared to a standard natural gas storage tank water heater. Savings can be even higher when you compare to standard electric units.

Of course this assumes they’re getting a little care and attention. Most manufacturers recommend flushing out a tankless water heater every 6 months to 2 years to clean out mineral deposits. This varies by manufacturer and according to the water hardness in your neck of the woods. (If you’re actually in the woods, running on a well, it may need to be even more frequent.)

Fortunately, water heater maintenance is easy – and fast – with the BucketDescaler. This sweet little portable system makes it a snap to flush out an on-demand heater – about 25-30 minutes should do it. Use it with SpeedyBright, the powerful descaler that’s also safe for potable water systems.

Try it and let us know what you think.