See the complete article and further facts and figures here from the website.

Seems like things are looking up, no doubt buoyed by various state and federal government incentives, plus manufacturers rebates. A few of the highlights

  • Central AC’s increased 6 percent to 645,606 vs. 608,751 units in March 2009
  • Heat pumps increased 7 percent in March 2010 to 385,717 vs. 360,036 units in March 2009
  • Gas warm air furnace shipments increased 17 percent to 186,963 in March 2010 vs. 160,339 units in March 2009
  • Oil warm air furnace shipments increased 18 percent to 3,958 vs. 3,337 units in March 2009

See the original posting on this on the website. Thankfully, things are looking up.