Maintenance is the bread and butter of most HVAC businesses. There’s no shortage of service work in our field – more often there’s a shortage of technicians. But preventive maintenance work generally ends up being pretty low-margin. It’s hard to make

BucketDescaler tankless water heater descaler

Descale tankless water heaters in the same time you do your PM work.

any money at it. You can make PM visits profitable by using that time to solve your customer’s problems and sell additional services.

No doubt about it, PM tasks are labor-intensive. It’s almost tiring just thinking about it – loading the truck, navigating neighborhoods, conversing with customers, diagnosing problems, finding parts, repairing, cleaning up, billing –  talking with the

homeowner again. If not managed correctly PM tasks can actually eat into profitability.

But when you approach your PM work intelligently you could be looking at serious improvement to your bottom line.

For example, why do one job onsite when you can do two? Same travel time. Same customer interaction time. More revenue.

Our Bucket Descaler allows you to offer a quick tankless water heater flush when you schedule a furnace or AC tuneup, adding welcome revenue and providing a real service.

Water heaters – the traditional tanked, and especially the tankless – need periodic descaling to maintain performance. More than half of us in the U.S. have a water source that’s high in minerals. Without proper maintenance, a new tankless water heater can lose over 50% of its efficiency in the first 6 months alone. Your customer may not yet notice it, but those energy bills are inching up.

BucketDescaler small heat exchanger descaler

Use BucketDescaler on Tanked water heaters too, and small industrial heat exchangers.

It’s a quick fix. Descale a standard water heater or on-demand tankless water heater in about 30 minutes or less with the Bucket Descaler and environmentally friendly, UL listed SpeedyBright™.

The Bucket Descaler is an inexpensive addition to your HVAC arsenal, and it’s not just for residential applications. It quickly cleans shell and tube heat exchangers, condensing boilers, light commercial heat exchangers, commercial on-demand water heaters and plumbing lines.

You say your customer doesn’t have a tankless water heater? Suggest that she get one! Seriously, you are in the best position to solve your customers’ home comfort challenges. Recommend a tankless water heater when you feel it’s appropriate. Or a ductless mini-split for heating/cooling challenges. Or a humidifier. Or schedule an appointment to clean your customer’s ducts.

PM tasks may be low-margin, the gruntwork of our industry, but you can turn them into a dependable, profitable revenue stream. Use the invaluable face time with customers to find out what they need. Then give it to them. It just makes good business sense.