Quick. Name something that has a lot of very expensive technology on it, come in all shapes and sizes and are regularly placed in some of the remotest locations in the country, and the world?

[Cue Jeopardy music]

You give up?

Cell towers. Yep cellular mobile phone, microwave (popcorn please) and data network towers.

Cell Tower

Image from "How Stuff Works"

I’ve seen some in some pretty funky places. There’s one here in the NY metro area that looks like a big giant Elm or some other tree. I appreciate the effort for covering it up, but it still looks like a cell tower. It’s got me thinking about maintenance on these puppies, especially when it comes to their cooling systems. Who cleans Cell Tower cooling systems? The owners? Maintenance companies? Do they use conventional HVAC systems or specific to the design of the cellular tower? How is power and water delivered to these remote locations?

I went to another one here in Stamford, Ct. on a quest for answers. I wasn’t allowed to go past the gates but it seems to me that there’s a certain amount of computer processing that occurs…and when there are computers, there are cooling needs. What maintenance is required on those systems? Similar to standard residential or commercial? Or are there special types of units? What else is in those buildings and giant boxes?

I couldn’t find much about Cell Towers Maintenance except a few articles below. A quick Google search also showed some pretty large companies that specialize in it.

Best Way – Cell Tower Maintenance (Via eHow.com)
Radio Frequency Safety Site (via FCC.gov and has a lot of frequently asked questions)

I’m thinking the CoilJet product could do well in this situation. It’s self powered and rechargeable and carries its own water and coil cleaner.  Pretty much what you need out in the middle of nowhere!