This is the first of a few posts on managing mold and mildew in and around coils. You would think this is a topic near and dear to a lot of contractors hearts, but in the conversations I’ve had, it’s really not.

Controlling mold in your HVAC systemMold is a microbe that is pretty much everywhere at all times. Mold spores travel freely through the air that we live in. What they are looking for is damp, humid and warm areas. This is their party spot. Where mold and mildew just love to hang out and replicate like crazy. Doesn’t that description sound pretty much like parts of HVAC system to you? It does to me.

Mold on HVAC coils, plenums and condensate pans can cause a lot of problems for people and their breathing and allergies. It can cause damage to homes and building. It can cause system failures. It can cause odors. It can also controlled through a pretty easy to follow regiment and three easy to follow steps.

1. Eliminate the humidity. Make sure that the HVAC systems you are working on are properly balanced, have appropriate air flow and have clean coils. this will help eliminate issues that can cause humidity. Also, keep condensate pumps operating and lines clear.

2. Clean evaporator coils, plenums and pans with a biocide that kills mold and mildew spores. A great one is MMR-II from BBJ Environmental. It’s a ready-to-use hospital grade disinfectant and biocide that will kill all traces of mold and mildew and leave surfaces clean. Plus it smells great.

3. Treat coils, plenums, pans and duct work: This is a very important step. If you don’t do it, the mold will just come back. I promise, it will. Using a product like Mold Control for HVAC systems and Air Ducts from BBJ Environmental, spray down the first few feet of duct work, the coils, the condensate pan and pretty much anything else that may be impacted by heat and humidity. The mold control product will create a barrier that effectively stops any mold from settling down, therefore controlling any mold growth for months. Make sure to re-apply the next time you are doing a coil cleaning or other maintenance service. Another neat note about the BBJ product. It can be applied while the building is occupied. The only one I know of that can claim that.

If you follow these very easy three steps the odds of mold impacting the IAQ in the home or commercial building will be drastically reduced. Other benefits, less odor and a safer work environment.