CS_Slider_418x375Tired of lugging around heavy coil cleaners? Say hello to CoilShot® Condenser Cleaner – a simple, yet powerful coil cleaning solution from SpeedClean that’s completely redefining the market. CoilShot is ergonomically designed for deep cleaning and features a revolutionary tablet-based system that replaces bulky coil cleaners with lightweight tablets that fit right in your pocket to create a safer work environment, eliminate guesswork and blast grime and debris from condenser and evaporator coils in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Using CoilShot is simple. Simply attach to a standard garden hose, load the CoilShot tablet and pull the trigger. One tablet is generally all you need to clean up to a 5 ton condenser!

Attach Hose CoilShot SpeedClean
Insert Tablet CoilShot SpeedClean
Clean Coils CoilShot SpeedClean
Attach hose
Insert tablet
Clean coils

Cleaning Features

Cleaning coils just got a lot quicker and easier. CoilShot Condenser Cleaner was built to blast grime and deposits fast and includes several innovative features for smarter coil cleaning.

SC CoilShot Launch Cleaning Tool


  • For cleaning commercial, residential and rooftop condenser and evaporator units
  • Delivers 70 PSI of cleaning power at up to 3 GPM
  • Switches from foaming cleaner to water with easy mixing valve
  • Attaches to standard garden hose
  • Use optional 3 ft. wand to get behind coils

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Deep Cleaning Tools

CS Wand CoilShot Launch SpeedCleanWhy push dirt and debris deeper into a coil when you can clean it from the inside out? Optional 3 ft. Coil Cleaning Wand for CoilShot Condenser quickly connects and allows you to get in behind coils for more efficient coil cleaning. This tool fits through the top of most condensers and comes available in multiple lengths. Easily stores on top of CoilShot gun.

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Turn to Tablet Technology

Cleaning Tablets CoilShot Launch SpeedCleanWe took a survey and it showed that 92 percent of HVAC technicians regularly clean condenser coils; 87 percent of them are currently using liquid chemicals. New and innovative tablet-technology from the CoilShot makes cleaning HVAC coils faster, easier, more effective and will simplify the way we clean coils, forever. Instead of having to measure and haul around heavy liquid cleaners, CoilShot uses compact, pre-measured Coil Cleaner Tablets that are easy to carry and dissolve to create just the right amount of  foaming coil cleaner for deep through cleaning . In fact, just one tablet replaces an entire case of coil cleaner – 2 tablets are equivalent to one gallon of coil cleaner. Simply load the tablet and get the job done in one shot.

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Clean coils the easy way with CoilShot Condenser, the next generation of coil cleaning equipment. Now available at Johnstone Supply and other HVAC distributors. Visit our where to buy section for more information on a supply house near you.