Coil Corrosion SpeedClean

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x-mark-red-thProblem: Rust and corrosion – Corrosion is responsible for about 40 percent of equipment failures in industrial applications. Humidity, high temperatures resulting in fast chemical reactions and corrosive acidic, caustic and oxidizing gasses are all root causes of corroded systems. (Source: CED Engineering)

blue check mark SpeedCleanSolution: Use non-caustic, non-corrosive chemicals. Cleaning solutions with low penetrating agents and corrosion inhibitors safely clean coils and coat coils to prevent corrosion from occurring.

Coils Cleaned with Pressure Washer SpeedClean

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x-mark-red-thProblem: Bent or damaged AC coil fins – Pressure washers produce powerful PSI cleaning power that can be too powerful for sensitive coil beds and fins. Several chemicals on the market also damage coils by creating a chemical reaction between the cleaner and the coil surface, resulting in metal loss over time. (Source: Goodway Technologies)

blue check mark SpeedCleanSolution: Less pressure. Specialized equipment using pressure below 140 PSI or with special nozzles safely cleans coils, without damaging fins. A combination of just the right amount of pressure with a less harsh coil cleaning solution is your safest choice.

Overspray SpeedClean

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x-mark-red-thProblem: Overspray damage – Close quarters can present an overspray problem, where liquid spews outside of coils and kills plants, damages surrounding areas and can destroy a customer’s property. (Source: the NEWS)

blue check mark SpeedCleanSolution: Use a plant-friendly coil cleaner that is less harsh than acidic or caustic solutions and be sure to rinse off the residue after. Covering surrounding areas can also protect property, so you don’t end up having to cover reckless overspray fees for unhappy customers.

A Simple All-in-One Solution

We listened to your most unique and challenging coil cleaning problems and came up with an all-in-one solution – CoilShot® Condenser Cleaner. This innovative tablet-based technology features a pre-measured, plant-friendly foaming tablet cleaner with rust and corrosion inhibitors that prevent corroded systems and uses just the right amount of water pressure for safe and effective coil cleaning. Simply attach to garden hose, load the tablet, and clean coils from the inside out.

SpeedClean_CoilShot Loading Gun

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•  Quickly and easily cleans 3-5 ton condenser coils in less than 10 minutes
•  For residential condenser units up to 5 tons
•  Delivers 70 PSI of cleaning power at up to 3 GPM
•  Attaches to standard garden hose
•  Quickly connects attachments
•  Switches from foaming cleaner to water with easy mixing valve
•  Lightweight alternative to bulky, heavy liquid coil cleaner
•  Pre-measured tablets eliminates guesswork
•  Just 2 tablets replaces 1 gallon of coil cleaner

Are you ready to give coil cleaning your best shot? Learn more about CoilShot Condenser Cleaner here.