Water heaters should be cleaned yearly, but their maintenance is usually overlooked – it’s the old out-of-sight, out-of-mind. A service technician recently told me, “I’m in HVAC, and I don’t even clean mine!”

Remove Lime Scale from Hot Water Systems Fast

Remove Lime Scale from Hot Water Systems Fast

That might be “ok” for a standard electric or gas fired water heater. The replacement cost is relatively low. However, on the ever increasing tankless or “On demand” water heaters, ongoing maintenance is critical, and plumbing and HVAC contractors alike can add revenue to maintenance services for this product.

Consider this: in hard water areas, a new tankless water heater can lose 50% of its efficiency from scale buildup in the first 6 months alone! In medium hardness efficiency loss may be prolonged, but it does occur. Regular maintenance significantly impacts the heating efficiency of the coils and extends the unit’s life. We ignore water heater maintenance at the peril of our checkbooks – and soon we’re singing shorter songs in the shower

When you pipe cold water – along with its dissolved solids – into a system, and then heat it, some of the solids precipitate out. These solids (lime scale and other deposits) coat the heat exchanger in a tankless system, and they coat the bottom of a standard gas water heater, or the heating coils in an electric unit. Scale acts as a barrier – a blanket – isolating the heat source from the water being heated. Of course, it requires more and more energy to heat the water as the deposits build.

Descaling a residential water heater can take hours – and make a big mess. And incorrect cleaning procedures can potentially damage the unit, causing it to leak or worse, corrode heater elements. There has to be a better way.

Now there is – it’s called the SpeedClean BucketDescaler.

Designed specifically for tankless water heaters, it also takes care of cleaning standard gas or electric tank water heaters – one unit for any water heater job. With the BucketDescaler, you can clean a tankless water heater in 20-30 minutes! It does its job fast thanks to a unique circulating system that keeps the descaling solution moving and in continual contact with the lime scale. SpeedyBright, our effective descaling solution is NSF-approved, biodegradable and safe for potable water systems.

Make sure your customers know that regular maintenance significantly increases the life and effectiveness of their water heaters. Make sure they know you can provide it.