Sometimes I just have to have a shameless plus for a product….

You can get a lot of mileage out of claiming energy efficiency – even get tax credits for it. I think it might be time for Congress to propose the BucketVac for an energy tax credit. (I’m kidding of course. Or am I?)

BucketVac Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

BucketVac Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

As you know, one of the best ways to optimize profits is to conserve your crew’s time and energy. From keeping a well stocked truck, to grouping service calls, anything you can do to make your crew’s job easier and faster saves wear and tear on your employees and maximizes profits.

Enter the BucketVac. It’s portable, professional, and gets the job done fast. (Sounds like an ideal employee.)The BucketVac attaches to virtually any 5 gallon standard bucket to create a versatile wet/dry vacuum. Quickly switch between wet and dry messes – just attach a different bucket. The bucket handle makes it super-easy to transport. And you simply detach the vacuum from the bucket for a slim storage profile. The stretchable hose reaches to 6 feet, but contracts to 2 feet long when not stretched.

Using the BucketVac, your crew spends less time cleaning up at a worksite. And because it’s lightweight and easy to carry, it saves on trips between the truck and worksite.

Be sure to visit us at the SpeedClean booth at the ACCA Conference/Indoor Air Expo in Feb. to watch the BucketVac in action. I’ve also posted a Youtube video below. It’s better to see it than read about I think.