Some of your customers’ equipment is elderly in furnace years. According to the most recently published government RECS report, nearly a quarter of single-family home heating units are 10-19 years old, and a whopping one fifth of them are more than 20 years old.

Old water heaters need replacement. Help customers make the right decision.

Retire me….please (image courtesy Paulinedana)

Customers rarely give HVAC a thought – until the furnace stops working during a cold snap, or the AC fails during a heat wave. Since they need a new unit right away, their options may be limited.

You do these customers a favor by marketing to them before their aging equipment goes to HVAC heaven. You’re in a position to know what is best for their space, and they may not even know what questions to ask.

Why not put together a sheet with information on purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner? Have your technicians leave this sheet with the homeowner when they service older units. Many of your customers will have similar circumstances – same climate, same fuel source, similar home size and age – so the sheet can be designed to fit a chunk of your clientele.

Include the following information:

• Typical life of a heating or cooling system
• The benefits of replacing a system before it breaks
• Your top recommendations
• Approximate equipment and installation costs
• The comparative operating costs of different systems
• …and add anything else you feel is relevant

Just a printed sheet of text with your logo will do the job with a personalized touch. Don’t muddy the information with too much splash – you’re not looking for a design award.

If the unit still has legs though, take a look at a new product we’re launching to help maintain hot water heaters and eliminate lime scale.

Try it and let us know how it works for you. Already doing this? Let us know what’s worked, or what hasn’t. We’d love to hear your tips.