Tips for a Successful and Safe Celebration

Remember the old car ads about “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet”? How could any list of Americana forget the 4th of July? SpeedClean was born in the USA and we are excited about our country’s 239th birthday. Here’s a few ideas to make your holiday epic.

Grilling Tricks

Barbecue Smoker
Build your very own Barbeque Smoker for just $9 !
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Don’t use your brazing torch to cook the hot dogs. If you do, then at least put them on the grill so your kids can laugh at you like the Dad in this YouTube Video.

Do have patience and you will be rewarded with the perfect grilled brat in about the time it takes to relax and drink a beer. Steven Raichlen of Barbeque U tells you how here.

Say you don’t have a barbeque grill? Don’t worry, here is how to take sheet metal duct-work and build a barbeque smoker for about $9.

Water Fun

A backyard slip n' slide
Go big this summer with the Mega slip n’ slide.
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Tarps make excellent slip and slides for kids and adults. All you need is a tarp, water, and a little liquid detergent to make it extra slippery. The more your slide slopes, the better and it sure beats cleaning coils all day!  Need more direction than that? Look here.

Water balloon fights, water balloon toss, you can’t have a picnic without water balloons.

Fill those balloons in record time with your handy dandy Condenser Needle Coil Cleaner. That bad boy can move water at up to 3 gallons per minute. That is enough to keep the whole neighborhood in water balloons all day.


Home made Kegerator

Home made Kegerator ! Coolest project ever.
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If you’re going to be grilling you must be chilling. Keeping the brews at the right temp is no problem for a pro like you. Amaze your neighbors with your do-it-yourself kegerator.

If you want to be a hero to your kids, show them this tried and true method of chilling a soda quickly with ice, water, and salt.

They will think you know magic, you know you just understand thermodynamics.

No matter how you celebrate, have fun, be safe, and thank goodness for the US of A!

4th of July

From the SpeedClean team to you !