Meet Joe

Say hello to Joe. Joe’s an average jack-of-all-trades that handles HVAC maintenance, plumbing and he usually works on Halloween night. But after what happened last year, he swore he’d never do it again. So you’re probably wondering what happened? When a friend asked him about his Halloween from hell and the 5 most horrific HVAC scenarios he experienced on that day, this is what we heard (and they are all true, or are they):

House #1. Failed heat exchanger -There’s nothing spookier than the sound of a broken furnace. Years of neglect caused severe pipe corrosion and rust to form inside of the heat exchanger and as a result it began to fail. What a light show and a big bill.


House #2. Improper installation – When Joe mentioned how much his client paid the last guy that installed his heat pump, he knew he was a total hack and this scenario would be a complete nightmare. His client found the guy on Craigslist and he mentioned that he just started doing HVAC repairs on the side. But really, who trained this guy? NOBODY!


House #3. Bursting pipes – According to Joe, it was a chilly Halloween night that was colder than an icy Alaskan glacier, or so he said. Suddenly, the weather began taking a toll on the piping system, causing them to contract and expand under those unusual arctic temperatures. Joe had traveled all the way there to insulate them, but before he had the chance, the pipes had frozen. And what he said happened next blew my mind… crack… crack… the pipes burst right before his very eyes!


House #4. Extreme stinkage – When a client mentioned that her mini split system was stinking like an old drain, Joe had planned on coming to the rescue with a coil cleaning. But, he said, once he walked into the house, the lady told him not to spill a drop of cleaner on the floors like the last guy. ‘Fear not’, Joe thought, the Mini Split Bib Kit is designed to do just that. A short time later, the coils were cleaned, the system smelled great and not a dropped of water spilled on her hardwood floors.


House #5. Failure to pay – Once he finally made it to his last job, Joe said he was hopeful that things would get much better. After all, it only took him a few short minutes to clean her coils with his nifty CoilJet® Coil Cleaner from SpeedClean. But once he finished, he said he went inside to collect his pay, only to discover that she pulled a Harry Houdini and disappeared!


If you happen to be working this Halloween, we hope your day goes much better than Joe’s!

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