Here’s an obvious statement. Summer gets hot. Here’s something that might not be so obvious. Summer is also a time where heat-related illness and death spikes among HVAC and other contractors. The nature of their job puts them in scorching spots, like attics, rooftops and more. So, if you are customer or a contractor, some of these tips might make a difference this summer.

1. Workout Clothes Work Wonders

It’s not just where you are, but what you wear that can affect how hot you feel. A lot of techs have business-specific uniform shirts to wear, but consider replacing your usual undershirt or socks with some clothes designed for workouts. A lot of clothing companies like Under Armour and Adidas have spent tons of time and probably tons of $$$ researching how to make clothes that help keep you cool.

2. Schedule Ahead

Chance are a lot of your calls are last minute, but if at all possible, schedule your routine maintenance calls in places like hot roofs for early mornings. Waiting until the roof has been baking in the sun for a few hours AND the sun is beating down on you is not a winning combination when you are trying to stay cool.

3. Use a Cold Wrap

We read about the Mission HyrdoActive Small Cooling Towel on the Business Insider website and thought it was perfect for the task.  It’s portable, lightweight and easy to use. Just get the towel wet, wring it out, snap it three times and it gets cold. Plus, you can reactivate by doing the same thing again. However, if you are looking for a more traditional option, a couple of frozen hand towels in a lunch box might do the trick.

4. Skip that Cup of Joe

It might be tough to think of starting your day without that dose of energy boosting caffeine, but you may want to reconsider. According to the National Institute of Health’s website MedlinePlus, heat intolerance, “the feeling of being overheated when the temperature around you rises,” can be caused by caffeine. So instead of downing caffeinated soda or coffee, you may want to stay hydrated with good old-fashioned water.

5. Use Efficient and Portable Tools

Last but not least, gear up with tools that are effective and portable so you can get the job done quickly and exert less energy doing it. For example, the CoilJet® Coil Cleaner is designed for portability with water and chemical tanks, eliminating the need for dragging a heavy hose up the roof. Another bonus, you can clean in place, so you don’t need to waste time removing coils. The faster you can get the job done right and get off that hot roof, the better!