I read with interest this morning the news that LG had entered the solar panel business – thanks ACHR news. I’m not surprised at all given their reach in electronics, appliances and pretty much every other facet of our lives. Plus, their “Lifes Good” tagline, kinda goes with solar as well don’t you think? Plus and investment of over $800 million in the next 5 years isn’t too shabby, though I’m sure there are some subsidies going on there.

Why I’m really interested is that solar seems to be gaining a lot of momentum. Dare I say that we are nearing a tipping point in the solar energy marketplace that signals the mainstream adoption of the technology for the residential marketplace. For years it seems solar has been relegated – in my opinion – to the fringes of Green power technology and really never taken seriously for it’s residential application. Sure commercial seems like the most obvious use, but even that has stalled due to high installation costs. However this could really change a lot of the landscape when it comes to powering HVAC systems in the residential and light commercial market.

The question I have though as a manufacturer of maintenance equipment in the HVAC market is where does solar fit into your HVAC contracting strategy? Are you taking it seriously? Is it a viable extension of your product and service offerings? How about training and educating your work force?

And for me, where does the maintenance fit in?

Lots of questions. I think it’ll be fun finding out the answers.