The HVAC/R industry’s focus on efficiency is more than just a way to “go green.” It’s really a focus on best practices and better engineering to avoid waste of any kind.

Efficiency is often described as as reducing energy consumption; saving money on utility expense and equipment purchases; and releasing less of the wrong gases back into the air.

But what about making the best use of an HVAC professional’s time? That’s also efficiency.

Efficiency through better engineering is our focus at SpeedClean. We’re all about helping you do your job with a minimum of time and effort.

Take coil cleaning, for example. SpeedClean’s CoilJet is the best way to clean remote and hard-to-access evaporator, PTAC and condenser coils. It saves you time and effort because it’s portable, it runs off battery power, and it holds the water and cleaner needed for a job. Try it on rooftop units, instead of lugging up a hose. It’s perfect for restaurant refrigeration units and PTAC units in hospital, dorm and hotel rooms, where you don’t have a lot of space and want to make as little mess as possible. It’s great for the coils on truck refrigeration units – you’ve noticed these are kind of hard to get to.

Watch the video of the CoilJet in action below, and drop by our booth when you’re in Vegas for the AHR Expo. Talk about efficiency. You just have to see this baby in action.