Our biggest business asset, hands down, is the customer base that already calls us for maintenance and installation needs. Hold on tightly to these customers, and don’t let them go. Add a good retention program to your quality service, and your customers will never leave you for another.

This investment pays off immediately.

Make the call.

Look back through records for your all of your customers for the past 12 months. These customers are “alive,” the ones most likely to use your services again. These are the homeowners and business owners who should get your attention when the busy season comes around.

Contact them at least twice a year. They need their furnaces and air conditioners serviced yearly, so call them to set up appointments. If you don’t contact them, they may forget you – literally. When they finally remember maintenance, or need emergency service, you may be busy – they’ll end up getting whoever can make it to their place the quickest.

I really appreciate this reminder myself. The company that services my home units calls early in the season to schedule the air conditioning maintenance – that’s when the money’s due for my yearly maintenance contract – but they don’t call to schedule my prepaid furnace checkup in the fall. If I wait a little too long to call them, I’m at the end of a 3-week line. Quite frankly, it leaves the impression that they’re hoping I forget to call.

Face it – we are immersed in HVAC, but for our customers it’s just a blip on their screens, one more thing to fit into their schedules. Make it easy for them to stay with you. Call them.