Vending machines are hugely popular all over the world.  In the US we’re pretty used to soda machines, snacks and the odd coffee vending machine. I’ve even started seeing the Best Buy vending machines popping up in airports – great idea Bucket Descaler Portable LimeScale Removerand so convenient. However, in others parts of the world vending is so much more. Complete meals, cooked to order pizza, ice cream, candies, the list goes on and one. One thing to remember is that most of these are either climate controlled (refrigerated, dehumidified etc) or utilize flash cooking, boiling and steaming techniques. To maintain efficiency and overall performance – which leads to more profitable vending – these machines all require preventative maintenance (PM) services. This is a big opportunity for the agile service professional, especially in hot summer months.

When it comes to refrigerated vending, they are using very similar technology used in residential and commercial refrigeration. Maintenance of coils, compressors and refrigeration levels is required to make sure food and beverage products are vended at the desired temperatures. Additionally, failure of refrigerated components can lead to food borne illness and subsequent loss of consumer satisfaction. Not good in the vending business.

CoilJet Coil Cleaning SystemFor heated vending such as coffee or other hot beverages, their tends to be more maintenance required on the flash boilers. Many times these are using domestic water supplies that can have heavy mineral content. These minerals become attached to heater elements quickly in the form of limescale and this crust of limescale can wreak havoc on the efficiency of the system, in turn causing it to use more energy and take longer to fulfill the customers desired order. This leads to customer dissatisfaction, which is paramount in the vending business.

So, if you are in the HVAC maintenance business and looking for opportunities to offer unique preventative maintenance services, consider looking into offering vending machine maintenance. They are just getting more and more popular.