When it comes to innovation, all it takes is one unique product to transform what’s available on the HVAC market. With just a few short weeks left until AHR Expo 2016 begins, we can’t hardly wait to share our latest, greatest, most innovative product yet! We’ll give you a hint – it’s much smaller in size, will lighten your load and will be a total coil cleaning game changer! But we’re not the first to enhance a product by making it smaller, just as powerful and easier to use. Here are 6 other innovative products that have drastically shrank in size, disrupted technology and truly simplified our lives for the better.

Old Motorola Mobile SpeedClean

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1. Cell phones

Back in 1973, Motorola changed how we communicated while en route by creating the first handheld mobile phone. Big and bulky in size, it was hardly a one-hand operation, but it beat searching for a local payphone… until now. Over the years, we’ve watched mobile devices get smaller and smaller, become easier to carry and integrate with other innovative technology, which is why our more recent mobile devices are called smartphones.

Old Apple Computer SpeedClean

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2. Computers

Remember this? Or maybe the first generation of Apple desktop computers came out way before your time. As desktop computer systems became the norm in most households, it transformed how we researched, how we played games and how we interacted with others on the World Wide Web. But the world’s resources at your fingertips wasn’t as efficient when it could only be used inside the quarters of your own home. With that in mind, a more portable, more advanced and easily accessible method was born – laptops. Since then, a boom of several other compact devices that function similar to computers have become a part of today’s every day technology.

Data Storage SpeedClean

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3. Data storage

We’re now in the era of advanced cloud computing and storage, but back when invisible and secure storage was only a figment of our imagination, people were saving their data on floppy disks. These wide and slender storage drives were lightweight and portable, but hardly reliable. Limited memory capacity and fear of improper removal corrupting the drive were just some of several features that could use improvement. Today, upgraded data storage technology has caused this generation to never know the feeling of trying to save a masterpiece and being told you’ve exceeded the kilobyte count.

Old Calculator SpeedClean

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4. Calculators

Before Texas Instruments Incorporated developed the first U.S. pocket calculator in the 1960s, we were hammering away with a much heftier, noisier, mechanical device. At the time, these calculating machines simplified arithmetic and could solve equations much faster than working it out on paper. Since then, new technology has not only adjusted the size of calculators offered on the market, but also their capabilities.

Camera SpeedClean

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5. Cameras

It all began when the idea of quickly capturing an exciting moment came about. Early ideas using optics and the darkness of window shutters were possible, but the process was lengthy and complex, until the closest technology to what we use now became available in 1888 – it was a simple, box camera called the Kodak. But it wasn’t until 2002, when the first mobile phones were developed with advanced, built-in camera technology, that made snapping a selfie a fun and simple process. Now it’s so easy, an average of 350 million photos are updated to social media platforms, like Facebook, every minute!

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Old Car Engine SpeedClean

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6. Car Engines

Cars on the road these days look and sound way different than they have before. By the 1950s, an increasing amount of people owned vehicles. Noisy and clunky in their exterior, one lift of the hood would reveal that their car engines were just as large in size. These machines were heavy and made up of cast iron, so small, lightweight engines with greater horsepower were unheard of until this generation of advanced technology completely changed the game. Now, today’s engines are smaller, more powerful and economically-friendly, just like our cars.

If this blast from the past is a real eye-opener, just imagine the new product we thought up that’s sure to improve how you clean coils, forever. Want another hint? We’ll be unveiling the next best thing in coil cleaning this year at AHR Expo 2016 and you don’t want to miss it!