The most effective coil cleaning chemical solution doesn’t have to be the oldest. While some contractors go with what they know and use more traditional cleaners, others are already diving in and reaping the benefits of innovative, more advanced products that work faster, easier and are safer for coils. Before your next coil cleaning job, read about how coil cleaning solutions have evolved and if it’s worth changing up your maintenance routine for.

A Look at Liquid Coil Cleaners

Traditional liquid coil cleaners come in a variety of application methods and have always been a popular coil cleaning chemical solution for contractors. Foaming or non-foaming. Acid-based or alkaline. No matter your choice of application method, each offers its own unique cleaning benefits and disadvantages.

SpeedClean Coil CleanerFoaming coil cleaners – are designed to propel into coils as a liquid and dissolve contaminants for deeper cleaning. But foam cleaning can be messy and if it doesn’t penetrate coils long enough, it can also be ineffective.

Non-foaming liquid coil cleaners – are composed of a chemical concentrate that is diluted with water. This solution can effectively handle deposits, but spillage is common and carrying these heavy cleaners up stairs and onto rooftops can be exhausting.

Acid-based cleaners – are great for aggressive cleaning and handling heavy deposits, but they contain harsh chemicals that can cause serious corrosion in the long run.

Alkaline cleaners – are gentle and work well on lighter deposits, but aren’t strong enough to effectively penetrate through heavier ones, like grease or oil. These solutions also contain caustic chemicals that can damage coils.

Aerosols –  are usually alkaline-based solutions. While they are portable and easy-to-use, just one spray can quickly reduce indoor air quality (IAQ) and harm the environment.

Catch Up with Chemical Tablet Technology

There’s new solution on the market that uses a revolutionary tablet-based system that will forever simplify the coil cleaning process for HVAC technicians. CoilShot® Condenser Cleaner is a simple coil cleaning system that quickly connects to a garden hose and cleans HVAC coils faster and more efficiently than previous methods.


  • Powerful enough to clean 3-5 condenser coils in less than 10 minutes
  • Compact, lightweight, and can fit in your pocket
  • Pre-measured for less mess than traditional liquid coil cleaners – eliminates guesswork
  • Longer shelf life – 2 tablets equals one gallon of cleaner

Still prefer to lug bulky, heavy cleaners up the stairs and ingest risky chemicals spewing from aerosols? Or are you ready to experience the next best thing in coil cleaning?