Small business owners can find it hard to keep on track with the latest technologies in their fields. Sometimes the best approach is to hire someone – or a team of someones – to help navigate new technology. That can get pricey. Other times it’s a”roll up your sleeves” approach to figuring things out as you go. If that’s more your style, and you run into trouble, help can be just a post away.

These days there are a lot of tools to help you do just that. One that’s often overlooked is Instagram. This social sharing site has long been known as a great way for small businesses to get the word out about the products and services. The approach is simple. Share photos and short videos about the stuff you know and follow folks and companies with similar interests. If you are consistent with engaging – once a week should be the absolute minimum, the rest will be natural. People will start to follow you, you follow them back, and before you know it, you have a digital family to talk to.

Instagram is pretty popular in the HVAC market to share – and learn – about new technologies. I see many techs asking questions about troubleshooting issues they have, as well as sharing new install or, best yet, highlighting complete hack jobs. So, be prepared to share, be prepared to listen and most of all, have a thick skin. Your peers have no problem sharing information, but if they think it’s done badly, they’ll be clear to tell you too.

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