SpeedClean’s New Ductless Ceiling Cassette Bib Kit Offers Contractors Easy Solution for Cleaning and Adding to the Bottom Line

Ductless Cassette Bib Kit

Mini Split Cassette Bib Kit

Stamford, Conn. – January 25, 2016 – As ductless ceiling cassettes continue to grow in popularity, SpeedClean is launching an innovative solution to make ongoing maintenance easier and providing contractors with an additional service to offer customers.

With any piece of HVAC equipment, regular cleaning is a critical component to ensuring efficiency and sustainability. The Ductless Ceiling Cassette Bib Kit allows contractors to effectively clean the ductless ceiling cassettes with the preferred method of pressurized water and coil cleaner while keeping the surrounding area dry. Set-up takes a matter of seconds and creates a bib to deliver the water and cleaner into a convenient 5-gallon bucket for easy clean-up.

“When you look at a ductless ceiling cassette, the idea of cleaning and performing proper maintenance can be daunting,” said Mike Hardy, managing director of SpeedClean. “SpeedClean noticed the growing interest in ductless ceiling cassette and developed a clean-in-place solution that also gives contractors an additional revenue opportunity.”

The Ductless Cassette Bib Kit comes with the cassette bib and mounting hooks. The cassette bib fits ductless fan units up to 48” wide. It quickly attaches to the ceiling to create a bib that funnels the water and cleaning solutions into a bucket. The kit also makes it easier to move from job-to-job.

SpeedClean also launched the CoilShot®, a coil cleaning system that attaches to a garden hose and uses a game-changing tablet-based cleaner that eliminates the need for hauling around heavy cases of liquid cleaner between job sites.

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