I was at a friend’s house over the long weekend. They just moved into a new place here in Stamford, CT. While I was admiring his new HVAC system and specifically his condenser units, I noticed another unit next to them. It looks like an over sized condenser unit, with large coils. But this one had a digital panel on the front of it. When I asked about it I was told it’s the pool heater.

The unit was a few years old. I asked him who serviced it and I got a blank stare back. The coils on this unit were clogged with the standard debris found in dirty condenser coils – grass clippings, bug remains, dandelion seeds.

I found this great image on how the pool heater works. It’s from the site called solar direct. Click the image to go to the original site page.

Cleaning coils in the Pool Heater Keeps it running at peak performance

Image from www.SolarDirect.com

Now I’m no rocket scientist, nor am I any kind of specialist on pools but I know it costs a fortune to heat pools. I’m sure proper maintenance of the coils beds could greatly improve the efficiency of this unit. I’m going back over there with the Condenser Needle we make. It’ll fit right through the grates and allow me to clean the coils from the back, forcing all that crud out. Hoping he sees a big difference…but I guess with the heat wave we’re having now, we’ll have to see later this year.