March is National Women’s History Month and to celebrate we are sharing the stories of Women In HVAC.

46.8% of women are in the workforce in 2015 according to the U.S. Department of Labor

The DOL collects new data every 5 years – wouldn’t it be nice to see over 50% in 2020.

In our second Q&A Session, we went overseas (virtually) to the Emerald Isle and talked with Ruth Gill. Now a veteran in the field Ruth encourages women to join her in the field and try out the crazy wonderful life that is HVAC.

1. How did you get started in the HVAC business?

I went to college to study business and quickly learned that academia was not for me. I applied for an apprenticeship across a variety of trades and Refrigeration is the one I got so I jumped at the opportunity.

2. How long have you worked in HVAC?

I started my apprenticeship in 2007 and qualified in 2011, so 12 years now.

3. What is your favorite part of working in HVAC?

Definitely the variety. I had a lecturer in college who always said “A fridge is a fridge is a fridge”. It’s all about getting to grips with how different brands run their equipment.

4. What benefits do you feel you have to be a Woman in HVAC?

I like to think my attention to detail and the ability to multi-task.

5. What obstacles do you feel you have to be a Woman in HVAC?

Not so much anymore but at the start definitely some condescension “Good girl” type remarks from some onsite building/facilities reps. Oh and some site toilets at times are a sight to behold 😂

6. Do you have any advice for women thinking about getting into the HVAC field?

I would definitely encourage more women into the field. I’ve found a great community of HVAC people on Instagram. There’s a lot of knowledge to be gained and passed on. If you have an interest maybe try trial on work experience for 1 to 2 weeks and see if the job meets your expectations.

7. What is one fun fact about yourself?

I play drums and did a very small Canadian tour in 2011, that we still talk about in practice.

Make sure follow Ruth’s HVAC journey through her social pages.

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