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Just how clean is the air we breathe indoors? Studies from the Environmental Protection Agency on human exposure to air pollutants proved that indoor air quality may contain two to five times, sometimes more than 100 times more pollutants than outdoor levels. However, there are effective HVAC methods of reducing these levels and making indoor air quality much safer and less hazardous. Here are a few simple tips from ASHRAE that help improve IAQ so households everywhere can breathe better and live more comfortably.

Put a good particle filter or air cleaner in your air handling system to keep dirt out of the air and off your ductwork and heating and cooling components.
Changing filters regularly can make a great difference in the air quality and performance of the HVAC system. Lack of regular maintenance causes pollutants to foul coils and rob the system of its efficiency. If this happens, one of the fastest and most effective ways to clean coils is by using a coil cleaning system, like the CoilJet® CJ-125 from SpeedClean. It’s unique features are designed to quickly clean coils in tight spaces, restoring coil efficiency.

Avoid locating furnaces, air conditioners and ductwork in garages or other spaces where they can draw contaminants into the house.
Damp garages and attics are perfect hiding places for contaminants like mold, that travel freely through the open air and can trigger several allergies and illnesses. Using a product like Mold Control for HVAC systems and Air Ducts from BBJ Environmental controls mold and creates a barrier that can prevent mold growth for months.

Distribute a minimum level of outdoor air through the home using whole house mechanical ventilation systems.
Most heating and cooling systems don’t infuse outdoor air into a home; instead it is run through a filter that removes contaminants in order to recycle the same air. Using ventilation systems balances outdoor air and lowers its concentration of pollutants.

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