Launch of CoilShot Revolutionizes Coil Cleaning with Tablet-Based Cleaner

Easy-to-use coil cleaning system offers safety and performance advantages

Stamford, Conn. – January 25, 2016 – CoilShot, a new product launched by SpeedClean, LLC, is set to transform the way residential and light commercial contractors clean condenser coils, making it easier and faster.

Instead of hauling around liquid coil cleaner, which can be bulky and heavy, this simple-to-use coil cleaning system uses a small, portable tablet. Attach the CoilShot to a garden hose, and the tablet dissolves to create a foaming coil cleaner that reaches deep into the coils to remove lodged dirt and debris. Once the cleaning is complete, turn the dial to a fresh rinse and remove all the remaining soap and residue. It can clean a 5-ton condenser in less than 10 minutes.

The simple cleaning process isn’t the only advantage. The unique, pre-measured CoilShot tablets reduce the chances of wasting coil cleaner by delivering just the right amount. One pack of tablets can replace a whole case of coil cleaner. The environmentally-friendly tablet also delivers safer cleaning and reduces customer complaints from dead grass and bushes.

An independent survey indicates that 92 percent of HVAC technicians regularly clean condenser coils, with 87 percent currently using liquid chemicals.

“The CoilShot will dramatically improve an HVAC technician’s efficiency and safety by eliminating the need to transport a large case of coil cleaner around and measure,” says Mike Hardy, managing director of SpeedClean. “Contractors are climbing ladders and going from job to job carrying 32 pounds of liquid coil cleaner, which is not ideal and can cause user fatigue and back strain.”

The CoilShot also offers an optional 36-inch wand that gets in behind the coil for improved cleaning.
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CoilShot will be available for purchase in May 2016.

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