CoilShot-HD coil cleaner tablets offers greater degreasing and brightening capabilities, same versatility and convenience

Stamford, Conn. –  May 18, 2017 – The fastest selling product by SpeedClean, LLC, is getting even more convenient – and powerful! The CoilShot released last spring is a simple-to-use condenser coil cleaning system wildly popular among contractors, largely connected to the convenience of a small, portable tablet instead of heavy liquid coil cleaner. Now, SpeedClean has announced the CoilShot-HD Coil Cleaner Tablets, which are designed for heavy-duty use and have even greater degreasing and brightening capabilities to leave coils bright and shiny.

These pre-measured tablets are designed for use with the CoilShot condenser cleaning tool and have just the right amount of coil cleaner. The CoilShot simply attaches to a garden hose, and the tablet dissolves to create a foaming coil cleaner that reaches deep into the coils to remove lodged dirt and debris. Once the cleaning is complete, turn the dial to a fresh rinse and remove all the remaining soap and residue.

“We expected the CoilShot to get a large response from contractors, but we were amazed at the overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback,” says Mike Hardy, managing director of SpeedClean. “It’s been an extremely popular product and we’ve had contractors asking for a heavier duty cleaner that uses the same versatility and convenience, but offers greater impact in commercial applications.”

CoilShot-HD Tablets have a dissolve time of 7 to 9 minutes at the maximum foam setting on the CoilShot and offers powerful degreasing and brightening performance for heavy-duty residential and commercial applications.

The CoilShot-HD Tablets can improve an HVAC technician’s efficiency and safety by eliminating the need to transport bulky cases of coil cleaner, especially in less accessible work environments. CoilShot-HD Tablets also reduce shipping costs and the necessary storage space to house large coil cleaning products.

The original formula of biodegradable, plant friendly coil cleaner tablets will still be available.

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