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Check out this year’s “State Energy Efficiency Scorecard”, put out by the American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy (ACEEE), to see how your state ranks. Most of the best performing states were on the east and the west coast. Some energy efficient behavior scoring them points were things like promoting zero-emission vehicles and zero-energy construction. If you are in the dark on what zero-energy construction means, (we were), it can be defined as “buildings that produce as much power as they use”.

As HVAC contractors, you can help building owners and homeowners do their part by keeping coils clean. As we discussed in 3 Tips to Help Your Customers Save Money and Energy in the New Year, dirty coils can mean a less efficient heating system, gobbling up more energy. Our CoilShot® Condenser Cleaning Tool with CoilShot® Coil Cleaner Tablets or HD CoilShot®-HD Coil Cleaner Tablets and Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner are great tools to have for keeping those coils squeaky clean.

Think you know all there is to know about energy efficiency? See if you can guess which of the 5 Common Energy Efficiency Myths are fact or fiction.