The mini-split market is a cash cow and for good reason. As you may have learned in Top Three Advantages to Ductless Systems they tend to be easier to install, less expensive and more efficient than ducted.  Therefore, it’s not a surprise that more and more customers have ductless systems that need cleaning and maintenance.  To provide a better understanding of how to properly maintain and clean these systems SpeedClean has partnered with HVACR School to create a guide to mini-split maintenance.

If you’ve never cleaned a ductless system or are an old pro just looking to read up on new material, this guide is for you. Topics covered include: Importance of Maintenance, Step by Step Maintenance, Dos and Don’ts of Mini-Split Maintenance, Cleaning Tools and Material and more!

If you need to stock up on all the tools for mini-split maintenance SpeedClean has you covered with our Mini-Split Bib® Kit, CoilJet® Coil Cleaner, SpeedyFoam® Coil Cleaner and Mini-Split Bib® Accessory Kit. Check out our Mini-Split Bib® Kit cleaning video to see an example of our products in action.