Don’t get caught with dirty coils. HVAC systems can experience a multitude of problems when they have dirty coils. Dirty coils can negatively impact efficiency, performance, and system longevity. If the primary goal of an HVAC system is heat exchange, then cleaning the coils has to be a critical part of a regular maintenance schedule to keep things operating properly. If the coils remain dirty, the components have to work harder, resulting in more power consumption, lower heat transfer, and inefficiency. When the system is forced to work harder through the dirty build-up, it will lead to extreme wear and tear. This stress will eventually lead to the decay of your customer’s HVAC system.

While efficiency and longevity of a system are essential, so is getting the job done promptly. Our products are here to do that. As many different issues will arise, it is beneficial to have various tools at your disposal. For condenser cleaning, the CoilShot® is designed for ease of use and convenience by eliminating liquid cleaners and replacing them with single-use tablets. 

Want to get into those tough to reach spots? CoilJet® is the option for you. The convenient over the shoulder carrying system goes anywhere and has everything needed to clean coils on-the go including water, chemical, and plenty of pressure, all powered by a rechargeable battery. 

For larger industrial condenser coils, the FlowJet® is a great solution, offering a higher pressure (300 psi) and a continuous stream of water for faster, deeper cleaning of coils up to six inches thick.

Lastly, for coil cleaning in sensitive areas that can’t utilize water, or in places where chemical sensitivity is important, the Dry steam Coil and Surface Cleaner provides low moisture yet productive cleaning method.

Working together as one SpeedClean and HVAC School have put together a complete guide to Coil Cleaning. You will learn the reasons why coil cleaning is an essential part to your maintenance schedule as well as the tips and tools to get the job done right.

With this guide and our SpeedClean tools such as the CoilShot®, CoilJet®, FlowJet®, and Dry steam Coil and Surface Cleaner dirty coils don’t stand a chance.