Many of you may have questions about Twitter. Wondering how it can be used, what it is or why it my be useful to you and your business. I can tell you, it’s useful. I follow and converse daily with hundreds of folks in the HVAC business. Many of them promoting their business and services but others – and sometimes way more interesting – talking about their local towns and cities. At our core is a local  entrepreneurial spirit. Twitter gives us a tool – and yes, this is a tool among many marketing tools – to connect with local businesses and individuals to promote  local, regional and even national communities.

There’s a thought leader in this space that I’ve followed for years. He is very straightforward, bright and understands the challenges of small business ownership – he is a small business owner himself. His name is Chris Brogan and he’s written a few (hundred!) articles on Twitter and other social media tools. I like Chris. I like his approach and explanation of how these tools can really (or not really) be used. I would highly recommend checking out his blog and getting a good feel for how this could be useful to you. And as always, if you need any help let me know too!

Review Chris Brogans 50 Power Twitter Tips

Also, once you get on Twitter let’s connect. I’m @speedclean_tim.

Looking forward to talking with you soon.