A recent article in the NEWS, the ACHR weekly magazine focused on air filters in the HVAC system and the impact on air quality. The discussions on air filters and their impact on fine particulate filtering have been ongoing ever since HVAC systems were created. However, there’s a paragraph in here that really hits home on the energy efficiency of the HVAC system.

Proper air filters make for cleaner HVAC coils

Image from ACHR News website.

Clean and properly sized filters means cleaner evaporator coils which in turn means better HVAC efficiency.  This equation makes perfect sense when looking at a whole system diagram, but many homeowners don’t look at the system as a whole, instead treating each part of the HVAC system as an individual cog. Also, much of the discussion on filters has nothing to do with dirty evaporator coils, instead only talking about allergens and air quality.

If you are seeing resistance from your customers when it comes to replacing the HVAC filters with properly sized filters, let them know about the dollar impact of their decisions. Cheaper filters and incorrectly sized filters allow more by pass air and particulates to settle on the evaporator coil bed, driving a loss of efficiency and creating health hazards.