Clean, efficient and well-operating coils are what we all expect the end-result to be after completing proper coil cleaning maintenance, right? But as you may have already learned, all coil cleaning methods aren’t created equal. Have you been choosing the best and most effective coil cleaning method for the job? Once duty calls again, here are a few things to consider before deciding which method will be most effective.

Best Coil Cleaning Methods SpeedClean

Info SpeedClean Some coil cleaners do more harm than good by creating noxious fumes and damaging coil fins.


Info SpeedClean Some coil cleaners can’t fully penetrate and clean thick, hard-to-reach, coil beds.


Info SpeedClean Some coil cleaners are bulky and difficult to use in tight spaces.


Info SpeedClean Some coil cleaners waste liquid chemical cleaner and leave a mess in surrounding areas.


See our infographic for more handy coil cleaning facts that help increase efficiency in AC systems.