We all want power, but can too much of it ever be a bad thing? When it comes to cleaning HVAC coils, the answer is yes. Pressure washers, or power washers, push out thousands of PSI of cleaning power and you’ll never know the true strength of this mighty machine until it’s too late. Damaged coils and fins aren’t easily recoverable and in most cases, they end up having to be replaced. Save your money and learn why NOT to clean HVAC coils with a pressure washer.

Pain is Pressure to Coils

Coils Cleaned with Pressure Washer SpeedCleanIt’s no secret – the key to safely and efficiently cleaning HVAC coils is using just the right amount of water pressure. Coil fins in most air handlers are made of thin aluminum or copper that are sensitive to high pressure and can bend or flatten easily. Too much power could crush coils flat. Garden hose are easier on coils, but don’t have enough pressure to get into the grooves and spirals of coils to effectively clean them.

Portable, Pain-free Coil Cleaning

Clean HVAC Coils SpeedCleanCoilJet® CJ-125 outdoes the too powerful power washer, the not so powerful pump sprayer and other ineffective methods by quickly cleaning coils without damage to sensitive fins. Packed with 125 PSI of cleaning power and specially designs spray nozzles, it’s specifically designed to safely blast dirt and debris from delicate fins.

It’s also portable and includes integrated water and chemical tanks for locations where water and power may be inaccessible, such as rooftops and attics. This innovative coil cleaning machine offers reliable, more thorough coil cleaning and provides peace of mind that pressure washers simply cannot. For best results, use with SpeedyFoam® – our alkaline-based foaming cleaner that’s safe on all HVAC coils.

Click here for more information on the CoilJet CJ-125.

Stop doing things the old way. Clean coils faster, easier and replace your unpredictable pressure washer with a professional coil cleaner designed for the job.