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BucketVac Standard Filters

BucketVac Standard Filters

BucketVac Standard Filters

High performance filtering, incredible durability.

The replacement BucketVac filter offers high performance 10 micron filtering, all in an easy to use, durable paper filter bag. These filters are made from quality industrial components and aren’t cheap, flimsy knock offs or wrap around cloth remnants.

  • Easy installation with integrated elastic bands.
  • 10 micron filtering removes all major particles.
  • Shake to clean for months of use.


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BucketVac replacmeent filters deliver 10 micron performance in an industrial strength filter. It has a built in elastic so is easily fitted on the BucketVac and is strong enough to cleaned frequently by shaking or with compressed air.


  • General cleaning and pickup.
  • Large sand, dust and more.
  • Not for use with water pickup option.
  • Not for lead abatement or under 10 micron filtering.


  • High quality industrial construction.
  • Built-in elastic band for quick installation.
  • Quick clean with shaking or compressed air.


“I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’ve had the same filter on for six months. just keep shaking it out and it works like new.” – Tim R. CT.


This filter is designed for general workplace and household pickup of small dirt and debris. It offers 10 micron pickup that’s great for general, every day use. It is not for use for lead paint cleanup or other fine micron needs.
No, this filter is not approved for lead paint pickup. It is for general pickup uses only.
Really all depends on two things. One, what you pickup and two, if you get it wet. Let’s start with number two first. Don’t get it wet. It’s a paper filter. Paper and water aren’t meant for each other. now, to number one. As long as it doesn’t get a hole in it, you can probably get a good amount of uses out of it. To clean, just pop off the BucketVac and shake it out. Easy. 


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8" x 11" x 6"


0.25 lbs

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6 Filters