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CoilJet Flexible Wand Straight Nozzle

CoilJet Flexible Wand Straight Nozzle

CoilJet Flexible Wand 0°

Designed for ductless units, PTAC's and more.

The CoilJet 0° flexible wand is the answer to cleaning small coils like you find in mini split air handlers, PTAC units and refrigeration units. It attaches quickly to your CoilJet coil cleaner and can be bent to your will to get right up on coils and clean them. Wand is available in 12″ (8945-0-DEG-FW12) and 24″ (8945-0-DEG-FLEX).

  • Perfect for hard-to-reach coils.
  • Made from high grade copper materials.
  • Makes cleaning coils in tight spaces easier.



The CoilJet is designed for cleaning mini split and PTAC coils and can be bent to any shape you need. What makes this different than our other 8945-FLEX wand is that it has a straight on nozzle pattern versus a 90° turn.  Shape it to any bend or curve to reach coils in even the tightest spots.


  • Mini Split air handler coils and PTAC coils.
  • Refrigeration units.


  • Quick connect fittings.
  • Flexible and can be re-bent time and time again.
  • Has a straight-on nozzle for easy cleaning of small, flat coils.


“Makes deep cleaning mini split coils a snap.” – Tim R., CT


Kind of. Our standard product is 24″ in length. Custom sizes can be manufactured as well.
No. Our nozzles are custom engineered to provide deep coil cleaning performance without damaging coils. You can get right up on it and not bend a fin.

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5'x3' x 2'


1 lbs