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CoilJet Flexible Wand

CoilJet Flexible Wand

CoilJet Flexible Wand

Reach virtually any coil in even the tightest spots.

The CoilJet flexible wand can be bent to your ultimate will! Shape it to any bend or curve to reach coils in even the tightest spots.

  • Perfect for hard-to-reach coils.
  • Made from high grade copper materials.
  • Makes cleaning coils in tight spaces easier.



Now cleaning coils in even the toughest places is easier with the CoilJet flexible wand. Who knows what the tech before you was thinking when they put that coil in an unreachable space. Now that’s less of a problem. You literally have full control over this wand. Bend it to your will and dominate even the oddest place coils.


  • HVAC condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Refrigeration units.


  • Quick connect fittings.
  • Flexible and can be re-bent time and time again.
  • Has a 90° angled nozzle for coil cleaning.


“I can make this into any shape. I feel powerful and all dominant!” – Tim R., CT


No. This nozzle is designed to be used with a foaming coil cleaner, like SpeedyFoam?
Yes. A foaming nozzle and an expanding, foaming coil cleaner will help lift dirt and debris trapped deep in coils, making cleaning better and easier.
Use a proper foaming coil cleaner and one with no acids or harsh caustic agents.

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.5" OD x various lengths


1 lbs