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CoilShot® Coil Cleaner Tablets

CoilShot® Coil Cleaner Tablets

CoilShot Coil Cleaner Tablets

Replaces bulky heavy liquid coil cleaner.

The revolutionary CoilShot cleaning system is designed to offer fast and easy cleaning of residential and light commercial single-pass HVAC coils without the strain and bulkiness of using liquid coil cleaners.

  • Each tablet is equal to approximately 1/2 gallon of coil cleaner.
  • Eliminates the need for bulky liquid coil cleaners.
  • Safe for all coils
  • Plant friendly, non acidic and non caustic



CoilShot condenser coil cleaner tablets are designed for use with our CoilShot condenser cleaning tool. Each tablet represents approximately 1/2 gallon of coil cleaner, and 8-12 minutes of cleaning time, depending on foaming level.

This foaming coil cleaner formula is safe for all types of AC coils and is plant friendly and biodegradable. The foaming action of the CoilShot cleaning tablet lifts dirt and grime from coils easily and the pressure from the CoilShot tool helps them flow out of the coil.


  • Residential single-pass HVAC condenser coils
  • Commercial single-pass evaporator coils


  • Slimline tablet for use with CoilShot tool.
  • Each tablet equals approximately 1/2 gallon of coil cleaner.
  • Each tablet last approximately 8-15 minutes.
  • 8 tablets per box
  • Tablet patent #9938490


Yes. CoilShot coil cleaner tablets are a safe, plant friendly foaming coil cleaner that can be used on all coil types.
No. The CoilShot is a pH neutral cleaner that is designed to be safe on all coils and plant friendly.
We recommend thoroughly wetting the coils prior to turning the foam on. The CoilShot allows you to put the power of pressurized water right on the coil without damaging it, so simply spraying the coil with water first will dislodge much of the dirt. After thoroughly wetting the coil, turn the dial to the desired level of foaming action. Note that the more foam you apply, the quicker the tablet will dissolve. For most cleaning needs we recommend turning the dial only halfway for moderate foaming. Apply the foam until the tablet is completely expended.
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Additional information

Product Package Includes

8 Tablets


4.75" x 6.75" x 1.5"


.5 lbs