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FlowJet Low Pressure Soaping Nozzle

FlowJet Low Pressure Soaping Nozzle

FlowJet Low Pressure Soaping Nozzle

Low pressure for safer coil cleaning

FlowJet Low Pressure Soaping Nozzle is a high-quality replacement nozzle that provides just enough pressure to safely clean coils. Specially designed for use with FlowJet systems. Nozzle also comes available with 15° angle (CJ-QDN-1512Y).

  • Quickly attaches to FlowJet Coil Cleaner System
  • Provides low pressure that wont damage coils
  • Made from high grade brass material


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This high quality nozzle can be attached quickly and is compatible with FlowJet Coil Cleaner System. Nozzle easily attaches to FlowJet equipment for more control of your water pressure and safer coil cleaning.

  • Helps to clean thick condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Allows expanded reach into coils for ease of cleaning.
  • Made of durable brass material
  • Low pressure control for safer coil maintenance



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6" x 6" x 1"


0.22 lbs

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