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FlowJet Spray Wand

FlowJet Spray Wand

FlowJet Spray Wand

Reach spots that seem impossible.

This high quality wand quickly attaches to the FlowJet and allows you to clean coils deep into the condenser or evaporator. Now reaching thick dirty coils in tight spots is easier than ever before. To extend the wand further, use with our extension lance, available in 16″ (CJ-WWSS-EXT).

  • Attaches quickly to FlowJet spray gun.
  • Adds cleaning length to make jobs easier.
  • Made from high grade stainless steel.


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FlowJet 36″ spray wand scratches the itch you just seem to reach. In this case the itch is a thick coil thats dirty right in the middle of it. This wands extends you reach and allows you to clean deep into coil beds. Plus its unique nozzle angles spray at 90° so it directly flows into coils.


  • Helps to clean thick condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Allows expanded reach into coils for ease of cleaning.


  • High quality construction.
  • Quick connect nozzles for easy installation.
  • Unique nozzle angles spray at 90°.


“This wands helps me reach deep into coils to clean faster and easier.” – Tim R. CT.


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