Mini Split Bib Kit Parts & Accessories

Mini-Split Bib Accessory Kit

Mini-Split Bib Accessory Kit

Mini-Split Bib® Accessory Kit

Complete with everything you need to effectively clean mini-splits

Mini-Split Bib Accessory Kit completely covers every aspect of the mini-split cleaning experience. Kit includes a 24″ wand with 90 degree spray head, a 12″ flexible wand with 0 degree spray and a 25 degree fan-spray nozzle all designed for easier access and cleaning of the blower wheel and hard-to-reach dirt and debris.



Mini-Split Bib Accessory Kit works with the CoilJet coil cleaning system to create a complete kit for cleaning mini-split systems. Features all the right tools to clean mini- splits quickly and efficiently.

  • Residential Mini-Split Air Handlers
  • Commercial Mini-Split Air Handlers
  • Works with the CoilJet Coil Cleaning System
  • Convenient nozzle to reduce misting
  • 12″ flexible wand that bends for easier access to blower wheel and small spaces
  • 90° angle spray wand for flexible convenience


Mini-Split Bib Accessory Kit includes:

(1) 24″ wand with 90 degree spray head

(1) 12″ flexible wand with 0 degree spray

(1) 25 degree fan-spray nozzle

Yes, the 24″ 90 degree spray wand (8954-24) and the 12″ flexible wand (8945-0-DEG-FW12). Click here for more information on Mini-Split Bib Kit parts & accessories.

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